Consumers slam Motorola deal with Bing

Consumers slam Motorola deal with Bing

Motorola's deal to use Microsoft's Bing search engine across its Android portfolio has raised howls of opposition from Android fans.

The tie up is ostensibly aimed at China, where Google is at loggerheads with Chinese authorities over censorship. However, as a global deal, Motorola will be able to deploy Bing across all of Motorola's Android devices.

Motorola says the move is aimed at giving its customers choice. The manufacturer said: 'By enabling users to customize their devices and select their own Search provider, Motorola, with help from Microsoft, is expanding the capabilities and range of services currently offered in the marketplace and opening the doors for increased personalization.'

Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president of software and services at Motorola Mobile Devices said: 'The addition of Bing services to our Android-based smart phones in China is another important step in empowering our end-users.'

However the move has gone down like a lead balloon with Motorola customers and Android followers.

One customer on the Motorola Owners' Forum, where comments on the deal are consistently negative, wrote: 'How is this deal with Bing going to affect Google taking care of us Moto users. I don't want Bing!!!'

Android fans, responding to the news on Android Phandroid website, warned: 'I wouldn't buy an Android phone that did use the Google services as its defaults. Having Google hardwired into Android is what makes it so appealing. Without those tie-ins I don't see the point. Motorola needs to tread lightly down this path because Android has single handedly saved its cellular business but I guarantee you that customers in the US will avoid them like the plague if they try to pull that here.'

Another Android follower said: 'I was shocked when I read the article. Motorola owes Google for saving their ass and this is how they've chosen to do business. I'll be sticking to true Google devices. Heck, I think I'll avoid Motorola just because of this move on their part.'

Another fumed: 'I switched carrier to get my current with Google phone and I'd be willing to switch again. My next phone is going to be with Google. I have learned that that's way more important than what hardware, which manufacturer, or which network.'

The move follows recent reports that Google's Nexus One phone has undersold, off-loading just 20,500 handsets in its first week, according to mobile analysis firm Flurry. The company says sales so far put it on just one-twelfth of the Motorola Droid's first week sales, and one-eightieth of those of the iPhone 3GS.

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