O2 intensifies its push into broadband

O2 intensifies its push into broadband

O2 continues its concerted push into the broadband market with a new deal extending its £50 mobile phone credit offer to cover all its O2 home broadband packages.

New customers switching their home broadband service to any of O2's home broadband packages can now qualify for a £50 credit on their O2 mobile phone bill.

Previously, the offer was only open to customers switching to either O2 Premium Home Broadband or O2 Pro Home Broadband.

Mobile phone customers on other networks are also entitled to £50 credit if they take any O2 Pay Monthly, Pay & Go, Simplicity, or O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly tariff within 30 days of connecting to O2 Home Broadband.

The move is part of O2's strategy to move beyond mobile to become what it calls a connectivity brand.

Earlier this year O2 launched into the fixed line market, nine years after demerging with BT. The deal sees fixed line calls bundled into packages alongside its broadband and mobile products and includes discounts to customers who take all three services.

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The fixed line only seems to be targeted at business while the broadband only to consumer. Does anyone know of any intention to 'cross-over' r ...
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