O2 and Vodafone may extend network share

O2 and Vodafone may extend network share

Last year, O2 entered a deal with Vodafone to share network infrastructure, in an attempt to save ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’.

So far, this has been a big success, says Derek McManus (pictured), adding: ‘We have gone from fierce competitors to pragmatic partners. The 1,500
sites are managed by Cornerstone [the joint company that manages the deal], and we have increased the number of people at Cornerstone.’

Although the two will not merge their networks, like rivals 3 and T-Mobile, O2 is looking at extending its deal with Vodafone.

‘We look at all sorts of possibilities, says McManus. ‘The infrastructure is concrete and masts – they don’t affect the customer experience, but radio equipment does. Technology is getting better and we are looking at several things with Vodafone and at what we don’t know. It will be a deeper relationship.’

The two are looking at ‘exploiting more of the partnership’, McManus says, and may engage in active RAN (Radio Access Network) sharing.

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