Vodafone cuts ratio of managers to telesales staff

Vodafone cuts ratio of managers to telesales staff


Vodafone has reduced the ratio of managers to telesales staff in its call centres, as part of its drive to ‘remove management layers’.

Telesales team leaders, who used to be in charge of eight people, will now be responsible for 12 staff.

A source told Mobile that around 35 of 75 sales managers had been made redundant in the operator’s latest round of job cuts last week (9 March).

A Vodafone spokeswoman said the move ‘is consistent with Vodafone's drive to remove management layers’. 

She added: ‘This is a reasonable ratio and in similar sales areas in other companies, it would be normal for this to be 1:15.’

The news comes just a week after Vodafone announced it would make 375 staff redundant.

Staffers from Vodafone’s call centres have contacted Mobile with concerns over the way the redundancies were handled.

One Vodafone employee claimed to have been given a ‘compromise agreement’ by the operator, which said redundancy would be paid in full if he agreed not to take Vodafone to an employment tribunal.

He was given 30 days to sign the agreement last Tuesday (9 March).

‘It’s blood money,’ he said.

The Vodafone spokeswoman said that anyone leaving Vodafone under a compromise agreement ‘is urged to consult a lawyer and Vodafone will pay for this consultation’. 

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