O2's latest pay offer thrown out

O2's latest pay offer thrown out

The Communications Workers' Union (CWU) has rejected O2's latest pay offer of 2% and slammed them for failing to hold talks on pay progression.

The offer is an improvement on its previous offer of 1.25%, which was rejected by O2's retail, engineering and technical staff two weeks ago. However the CWU says it is still not enough.

In a statement the union said: 'We do not believe this reflects the enormous contribution made by members to O2's continuing success.'

The CWU also condemned the operator for making the offer conditional on union reps recommending it to members.

It said: 'The CWU will not be forced to recommend an unacceptable offer to please O2.'

CWU hopes that O2 would negotiate on Pay Progression were also dashed. The union said it was dismayed and angry that O2 has refused to even consider meaningful talks on Pay Progression.

The union called on O2 to return to the negotiating table.

A CWU spokeswoman warned that O2 must not use the upheaval in the market, following the approval of the Orange/T-Mobile merger, as a reason to depress wages.

She said: 'It is not as if O2 has lost customers and it is performing well even in a recession. Its market share is still substantial. Clearly as a responsible company they have to look at how they respond to the merger but it must not be used as an excuse to drive down wages.'

An O2 spokeswoman said: ‘We are disappointed and surprised that the CWU has rejected the 2% offer, particularly in view of the fact that O2 has offered pay increases for two years in a row against the trend of many companies who are freezing pay again this year.We will continue to try and reach a satisfactory agreement with the CWU.'

The union is calling on the operator to raise pay levels to above the rate of inflation, which is running at around 3.7%, according to the Retail Price Index.

O2 staff had asked for a 5% pay rise from April 2010 and the extension of a pay progression deal for retail and technical and engineering staff to bring them in line with O2's administrative staff. The scheme allows staff to automatically progress up the pay range for their jobs.

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this is outragous, as an o2 employee i wouldsnap someones hand off if i was offered a 2% increase in pay! the company might have done well dur ...
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