Convergys trials customer data intelligence system

Convergys trials customer data intelligence system

A new business support system due to be trialled from June will allow operators to gather data on their customers and make them offers more quickly, according to Morag Lucey, global VP marketing and product management at billings expert Convergys.

The Smart Communications Suite (SCS), developed by Convergys and powered by Microsoft, is believed to be the first pre-integrated and pre-configured billing and customer care platform.

The business support system (BSS) combines Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

The system is pre-integrated and pre-configured so is easy and quick to deploy, unlike most other rival billing and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

‘Most BSS solutions are very customised,’ Lucey told Mobile, ‘and are therefore very expensive. Operators want to increase their ARPU, but many cannot afford the big enterprise solutions.’

The SCS partnership with Microsoft was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. Lucey said the Convergys/Microsoft partnership hoped to announce its first customers in June when it plans to have working case studies underway.

Lucey said Convergys was largely going after ‘tier 2 and 3’ operators, as they are big Microsoft users. She added that even the ‘tier 1s’ are interested despite many of them already deploying heavily customised BSS solutions.

‘There’s a lot of interest from the major operators in the UK,’ she said, adding that the first real deployment is expected by mid-2011, if
not before.

The system will allow operators to interrogate the data they have on customers in real time, rather than having to collect information in a
data warehouse, analyse it and months later come up with an offering.

‘It’s about real-time actionable intelligence,’ said Lucey.

‘Being able to provide a solution to the carriers that will allow them to have a more customer centric view, which will enable them to up sell and cross sell new offerings to customers and thereby increase their ARPU.

‘The goal is to get a very granular view of what customers are doing. Our CSS solution allows the operator to look at your credit rating, video and data allowance and so on, and make an intelligent decision on what they should offer you next.

‘We want to get to the point where the operator can say as soon as you’ve sent your 500th text: you are now at the end of your allocated number of texts, would you like to buy 50 more texts for £2 per month?’

‘The point is to catch customers at a time when they will more favourably make a buying decision,’ said Lucey.

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