Anglia Telecom dropped by T-Mobile

Anglia Telecom dropped by T-Mobile

Anglia Telecom has been dropped by T-Mobile after failing to meet targets set by the operator.
T-Mobile confirmed that the distributor would no longer be connecting as of 1 April.
The airtime distributor was one of the only operators to connect all five networks and has had a longstanding relationship with T-Mobile.
However, after reviewing the number of T-Mobile connections the distributor was doing, the operator has decided that it will no longer put airtime through Anglia.
T-Mobile UK national sales manager for independent partners John Fannon said: ‘With effect from 1 April 2010, T-Mobile will no longer have a commercial trading relationship with Anglia for the distribution of T-Mobile airtime.
‘This decision follows several discussions with Anglia management and is made purely on the basis of a shortfall in volume and performance targets measured over recent quarters.
‘Steps will take place over the next few days to transfer the Anglia Stockists over to HSC to ensure continuity of business for our Channel Partners as we move forward into Q2.’
Dealers who relied on Anglia for T-Mobile connections will be moved over to HSC.
HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove said: ‘Where Anglia have got dealers transacting with T-Mobile we will be there to ensure that they have a place where they can still connect T-Mobile.’
Some in distribution have speculated that this will be the last major change in T-Mobile’s indirect channel model before the T-Mobile and Orange joint venture develops further.

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