Election could delay spectrum reallocation

Election could delay spectrum reallocation

The announcement of a general election today could thwart plans for spectrum reallocation, according to reports.

The move will deprive an incoming Government of the early windfall it could have secured by selling off the old analogue television signal next year, the Guardian said.

This could leave Orange and T-Mobile joint venture waiting to see whether they can use their current spectrum for next generation services.

It would also cause problems for all the networks, as they struggle to cope with the upcoming data crunch caused by a surge of smartphones over the last year.

Last year, Ofcom and its independent spectrum broker, Kip Meek, put forward a deal to allow companies to use their existing spectrum, with caps on the amount of spectrum they could own as part of its plans for a 'Digital Britain'.

The plans have been progressing alongside the Digital Economy Bill, which includes provisions for punishing persistent file-sharers by cutting their broadband connections.

It comes as the Government has the second reading of its Digital Economy Bill today (6 April).

If it does not get through, it is likely the Government will review the matter again, which could delay it for over a year.

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They can't keep putting things like this back. If we get the Digital Britain sorted it will surely boost our GDP and recovery from the epic fail of Go ...
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