Advertising Standards Agency raps Motorola for new ad

Advertising Standards Agency raps Motorola for new    ad
Motorola has had its knuckles rapped by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for its biggest UK advertising campaign in several years.

Rival manufacturer INQ took issue with Motorola's claim in TV adverts that its Dext handset was the first phone with social skills, because it had already released its own phone with similar features, the INQ1.

Motorola launched the Dext with MOTOBLUR, its first handset to enter the UK market for nearly a year, at the end of last year exclusively on Orange.

MOTOBLUR is designed to sync social networking sites into one single feed.

Meanwhile, INQs handsets are designed to allow easy access to social networking sites, with internet access through handsets.

In response to INQs complaint, Motorola said its advert expressed no objectively measurable statement of fact and added that the Dext was superior to the INQ1 phone in terms of functionality and the integration of its social networking features.

The ASA disagreed and has upheld the complaint, saying that the advert can not continue to be broadcast in its current form.

In its judgment, the ASA said: 'Although we noted there were differences in the way the Motorola Dext and INQ phone functioned, because we considered the ad implied the Motorola Dext was the first phone to integrate social networking applications in one place, but that was not the case, we concluded the claim was misleading.'

Motorola said: 'We respectfully disagree with the ASA's finding. We believe the unique social connectivity features offered by the Motorola DEXT with MOTOBLUR provide a richer, more robust experience than competitive products, and thus any interpretation of our marketing statements are fully supported by the facts. We are currently investigating our options in relation to the recent ASA ruling.'

INQ said: 'INQ was born out of social networking and we've been winning awards since then for integrating social networking into our phones. It is flattering to see so many bigger rivals belatedly trying to copy us while we are working on breaking even more new ground. There is still a world of difference between the imitators and the INQ mobiles which have internet communications built right at the heart of the phones.

'Motorola's high profile advertising campaign stating its mobiles were the first to build-in social networking was simply false. INQ has been integrating social networking into its phones since the INQ1 was launched in 2008 and now again with the INQ Mini and INQ Chat phones. We are pleased that the ASA agreed with our claim that Motorola's advertising was "misleading".'
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