ZTE sees growth in revenue from international markets

ZTE sees growth in revenue from international markets

Chinese manufacturer ZTE has posted end of year results showing nearly half of total revenue for the group came from its international operations.  

Revenue from international markets and relationships reached £2.830man increase of 11.34% year-on-year, making up 49.6% of its total revenue.

The company saw growth in handset sales during the course of 2009. In its domestic market of China, the company attributed the growth to a ‘thriving 3G market’. Internationally ZTE saw an increase in phone sales in Europe and the United States.  

 The manufacturer said in the statement: ‘ZTE continued to make breakthroughs in important country markets and mainstream carriers, resulting in a more balanced global presence.’ 

Meanwhile, the company saw total revenue grow 36.08% year on year to £ 5.715m

Net profit reached £233.1m representing a 48.06% increase compared to 2008.

ZTE Chairman, Mr. Hou Weigui, said: ‘In 2009, our Group attained significant breakthroughs and growth in the mainstream product of carriers’ network. In the mainstream market, we topped the overall ranking for the PRC 3G market during the reporting period, while revenue from Europe and America was growing fast as a percentage of the Group’s sales revenue from international markets.

‘We succeeded in making major breakthroughs in the mainstream market on the back of our strengths in research and development as well as our ability in swift network delivery, winning contracts to build commercial networks in major cities around the world for mainstream carriers such as CSL, KPN and Telenor.’


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