Mitchinson tie up with LG ruled out

Mitchinson tie up with LG ruled out

Some industry sources initially speculated that the Samsung veteran Mark Mitchinson may be a good fit with LG. However, Mitchinson has indicated he wants a slower pace of life and plans to study for an MBA.

Mitchinson was approached by LG in its early days in the UK, but the deal fell through.The news was a shock at the time, as Korean etiquette makes it unusual for rival businesses to poach from one another.

LG recently restructured its management and is still actively looking for a potential candidate to run the UK business after the departure of sales and marketing director, John Barton and COO, Ward Crawford. 

However, it is understood that Mitchinson is leaving Samsung because he wants a break from the high pressure, long hours lifestyle of working for a major Korean firm.

A senior manufacturer source said: ‘He might want a break from the Korean culture – it is really demanding.' Another speculated consultancy was more likely than another role in handset manufacturing.  

Some have suggested that he may make a move to Canada as he owns a house there and will be able to enjoy a better quality of life. Others tip him to stay there for a few months before returning to the UK in some capacity.

Mobile executives and top bosses across the industry were united in their shock, after Mobile revealed today (14 April) that Mitchinson was leaving Samsung.

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