Orange gets green light to roll out more Asda concessions

Orange gets green light to roll out more Asda     concessions

A major rollout of Orange concessions in Asda stores will begin next month.
It is expected to include all 32 Asda superstores and a number of smaller stores.

The move sees Orange’s Asda concession plans back on track after it ground to a halt earlier this year.

Orange planned to open a further eight concessions in Asda stores in the first quarter, but these plans were delayed while Asda assessed the performance of two trial concessions in its Manchester and Milton Keynes superstores.

Following the assessment, Asda has given Orange the green light to open even more concessions than planned.

Asda telecoms buying manager Spencer Brown told Mobile: ‘The trials have been a success and we are now planning a significant rollout of Orange concessions.’

He declined to give a total number but said in the second phase that ‘the plan is to open quite a bit more than the eight concessions that were planned.’

Brown said the format of the concessions has been tweaked following an assessment of the trial.

He added: ‘Part of the reason we are a little bit behind on the programme is because we were assessing the new ones and we had to make a number of changes.'

One of the changes will see Asda staff working ‘much more closely’ with the Orange concession staff. Brown added: ‘We know our customers and spend time engaging with them, and when you add in that expert knowledge, it will make the concessions even more successful.’

Brown said the rollout would begin next month and hinted that the programme could be expanded to include Asda’s smaller stores, as well as its 32 superstores.

He added: ‘We have to be mindful of the of the space in shops but we have a ?planned number to open and will be rolling that out in the next few weeks.’

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