T-Mobile creates 20 new tech jobs at Greenock

T-Mobile creates 20 new tech jobs at     Greenock
T-Mobile is creating 20 jobs at its Greenock contact centre in Scotland after a reorganization which sees its collection service outsourced and its technical enquiries service brought fully in-house.
The reorganization will see 56 staff previously employed in the collections service at Greenock transferred to the technical enquiries service and around 20 new jobs created.
Meanwhile all collections work will now be outsourced.
A T-Mobile spokesman said: 'This is a positive move which is creating around 20 jobs so that is great news for our Greenock centre.'
The spokesman said the reorganization did not involve T-Mobile's other call centres at Sunderland and Methyr Tydfi.
'This is a local initiative at Greenock to reorganize collections and technical services. It makes sense to have the work done in one place,' he said.
He insisted the move was not linked to the Orange/T-Mobile merger.
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