Orange and T-Mobile align with tariff refreshes

Orange and T-Mobile align with tariff     refreshes

First T-Mobile launched a tariff refresh, dropping long-standing products Combi and Flext in favour of many more flexible offerings for its consumers.

And now, just two months later, Orange has announced a very similar set of changes in its business channel.

The T-Mobile changes, which took effect on 1 February, were initially just available in the consumer space.

However, earlier this month, the operator announced that the flexible booster options will be available on its headline business plan, Business Unlimited.

There are many similarities across the two networks tariff refreshes, from the language promoting the change down to the detail of the tariffs themselves.

Orange SME segment director Martin Lyne is quick to dismiss this and says: 'We refresh our tariffs once a year. This is obviously independent [of the T-Mobile/Orange merger], we started doing this in the late summer months of last year'.

However, despite the fact that Orange is asserting its independence, others in the market remain sceptical, pointing at the business tariff refresh as a sign of the two operators aligning themselves due to the merger.

T-Mobile flexible booster tariffs are focused on 24 month plans, and include a boost to Sim-only plans and a choice of unlimited texts, landline, internet and calling abroad similar to the offerings that Orange is on the verge of announcing.

On top of that and perhaps most interesting of all, both operators have removed any differences in propositions between indirect and direct channels.

In practice, that means T-Mobile dealers are now selling the same products as T-Mobiles direct sales force, with the same situation to emerge within Orange in the next few weeks.

All these factors together give legs to the rumours currently circulating that T-Mobile and Oranges indirect channels will be the first place where visible changes start to be seen.

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