Android sales rocket

Android sales rocket
Android phone sales have shot up fourfold in just four weeks, according to statistics from GfK Retail and Technology.

Contract Android phone sales rose in terms of handsets sold from 3% of the contract market in week 12 in 2010 to reach 12.3% in week 15. This took Android's share of the total market from 1.6% to 6.7% in the period.
GfK said almost one in every five Advanced OS phone purchased is an Android.

The figure for phones with Advanced OS account for 37.6% of the total mobile handset market, with this share rising to 63.9% in the contract-only sector. As this figure has remained fairly stable, GfK said the jump in Android phone sales showed Android phones were having a significant influence on the Advanced OS market.

GfK defines Advanced OS as all operating systems which are able to run independent compatible applications.

'The impressive growth rate exhibited in recent weeks is due to a succession of launches by several manufacturers,' said GfK analyst Megan Baldock.
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