3 launches brand refresh

3 launches brand refresh
3 is undergoing brand refresh that will see it change its logo to black and white and align its retail and online channels. It will take effect from tomorrow (5 May).

The move is a bid to get the message across that 3 is 'the best network for internet' on any device. It will be backed by a marketing campaign, which will launch on 8 May.

The campaign will start with cinema, TV and outdoor advertising, and will be followed up by press and online. The executions feature a mock film advert, to highlight the 'stars' that have worked on 3's network.

3 sales and marketing director, Marc Allera told Mobile: 'It's a big campaign and the first chapter in the story we are going to talk about. We are going to show all the effort that is going into the network. We have a legacy - big handsets, a bad experience. We have a different experience now - we have been doubling the size of the network.'

The advertising will be more focused on benefits than the price. Allera said: 'Rather than £30 for that, it will be about the overall proposition. On the 5 May everything goes over to the new brand including as retail and online.'

Meanwhile, 3's website, Three.co.uk, will be stamped on everything the network does.

Retail staff have been given a guide on a new way of selling the network to customers. They will now educate customers on the benefits of 3G versus 2G, telling them the top three things the network has achieved over the last year.

Allera said: 'With retail we are selling the strength of the network and the network roll out programme. It used to be a technical project, but now it's a sales and marketing project.'

3's in-store magazine has also been rebranded and will be called 'Instore' rather than the 'Buyer's Guide'.

Allera said: 'We have 10,500 base stations and well have 13,000 by the end of the year. The impact is it is having is huge it is improving internet experience, there are less dropped calls, lower churn and lower returns.'
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