‘It’s special day for the industry’, says Everything Everywhere CEO

‘It’s special day for the industry’, says Everything Everywhere CEO

Today is ‘a special and historic day for our companies, for our industry, and, importantly for ourselves’, Tom Alexander, the CEO of the T-Mobile and Orange JV Everything Everywhere said in an email to staff today.

The email said: Today, we unveil the new vision and plans for a new company, promising to deliver a new standard in communications for customers across Britain.

‘On July 1, we will all begin working for this new company - onecompany, running two of Britain’s most famous brands - Orange and T-Mobile’

‘As an industry, we are on the verge of radical change, with our customers rethinking what that device in their pocket can do. It’s becoming more than simply something to make calls and send texts with. Whether its music, films, books, news, information, people or places, our customers now want instant access to everything, everywhere.

‘We are a company running two of the most powerful trading brands in the country,’ the email said.

Alexander added: ‘It’s an idea that opens up limitless possibilities for our customers and our business, offering us a unique opportunity to shape the future of our industry, our company - and our country.’

‘I believe that the future potential of communications - and the things that we will be able to do with these technologies - is utterly unknowable.’

The email continued: ‘Quite literally we want everyone to be able to do everything, everywhere, at any time, instantly.  And in everything we do, we must endeavour to bring this closer to reality.

‘We’re still forming the new company, but we have a clear vision and a clear understanding of the opportunity. We’ve also got a clear set of guiding principles that we will all be working to, summed up in just three words - dream, develop, deliver.

‘Together, they will form the way we work - and represent what’s expected of each of us - when we officially come together in July.

July 1st will be the next major milestone for Everything Everywhere. That’s when you’ll start to see our new company name around our buildings, and things like email addresses will change. This is when the new company will be well on the way to taking shape.’

Alexander concluded: ‘I hope you are as excited as I am about the potential and the opportunity that we have before us as part of Everything Everywhere. And I hope, like me, you’ll be looking forward to being a part of our new company, and rise to the challenge of giving people across Britain instant access to everything everywhere, opening up worlds of possibilities for our customers and our business.’

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