Vodafone to change data fair usage policy

Vodafone to change data fair usage policy

Vodafone change its data fair usage policy from 1 June for all existing customers, as well as new customers joining the network.

Customers who use excessive amounts of data will be charged extra if they continue to heavily use the network after they have been contacted by Vodafone.

The operator claims that it is changing the policy to make it fairer for everyone and to protect our network from data abuse.

The changes emerged from a series of posts on Vodafones eForum, a place where customers can post questions and get direct answers from Vodafone.

Vodafone insists that the changes will only affect around 3% of customers and a number of measures have been implemented to ensure that they are aware of the data charging structure.

Vodafone offers a number of tariffs which include data usage. On most handsets, the fair usage policy is 500MB a month and iPhone users are able to use 1GB per month.

From 1 June, customers will be sent a free text message informing them when they are approaching the upper limit of their data bundle. Customers will then be contacted by a Vodafone representative about potentially moving to another data plan if they continue to exceed their allowance.

Vodafone head of web relations, Jakub Hrabovsky, said: 'If after receiving several such alerts [text messages], over a period of few months, customers continue to use excessive amounts of data they will be contacted by Vodafone and advised to upgrade to another data plan to avoid incurring unnecessary additional charges.

'Customers will be able to make an informed decision on whether to continue, limit their use or change to a different price plan, giving them total control of their spend.

'However, if customers continue to use excessive amounts of data over a longer period of time, the costs are as follows':


Current charge

Out of bundle charge

No handheld data bundle

50p a day for 25MB

50p for an additional 10MB

Handheld data bundle

£5 a month, or £7.50 with a flexi-bundle

£5 for an additional 500MB


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Isn't that a material change to the T&Cs on the contracts for existing customers? A disadvantageous material change in the T&C's to ex ...
Vodafone seem to be becoming a bit of a rip off to me. Like sim only deals charging 40p a min to mobiles on other networks! Sort it out. lol
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