John Barton goes to Bluechipworld

John Barton goes to Bluechipworld

John Barton, former LG sales and marketing director has become non-executive director of handset and accessories manufacturer, Bluechipworld.

Barton left LG in January this year to spend time in the film and media industry. However, his appointment at Bluechipworld sees a return to the industry he made his name in.
Bluechip world is an entry level handset manufacturer, but has secured a successful deal with Tesco.

Barton said: 'Bluechipworld's first year has been extremely exciting with its establishment as a tier one manufacturer of accessories. The company has grown significantly with a number of products becoming market leaders in their own right.

'It is also interesting to note Bluchipworlds role within the changing dynamics of the mobile handset market, which has become polarised into low tier, cost effective devices and high tier smartphones.

'The middle ground of standard, but relatively more expensive, feature phones is shrinking dramatically. The Bluechipworld range, which is being unveiled over time, will initially address the lower tier, building on the success of the VX1, but will also be developed to compete at the top end'.

Bluechipworld managing director, Simon Hassell said that Barton's involvement in the company represents the next stage of growth.

He said: 'We have always focused heavily on personnel. To date we have recruited strong individuals with good experience and an excellent attitude to work and combined this with a strong management structure. The support and experience John Barton will bring to the company will truly enhance this'.

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