Vodafone CEO slams 'Everything Everywhere'

Vodafone CEO slams 'Everything Everywhere'

Vodafone chief Guy Laurence slammed Orange/T-Mobile's Everything Everywhere moniker this week.

The new name brought a withering response from arch rival Vodafone. Laurence told Mobile: 'I wasn't surprised that they called it Everything Everywhere as my view is that they are all over the place.'

Everything Everywhere responded to Laurence's remark in a similarly tongue-in-cheek style.

A spokesperson said: 'Once our networks are fully combined we do expect to have coverage all over the place so we are delighted to see our competitors taking note.'

Laurence's remark is in keeping with Vodafone's increasingly provocative stance. Late last year it launched a cheeky recruitment campaign 'See Red' which played on Orange staff's fears of the imminent Orange/T-Mobile merger.

The campaign saw Vodafone recruitment ad vans parked outside Orange's Bristol headquarters encouraging Orange staff to move to Vodafone.

A Vodafone spokeswoman told Mobile: 'That was Guy's idea too.'

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Guy has no idea of what goes on in his business. Guy earns lots of money and really only has to keep the share holders happy.
Guy needs to get do
Guys lost in a worl of trash. Vodafone are losing a battle and he knows it. He is surounded with a culture of MY JOBS SAFE and untill he has a good lo ...
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