Vodafone hits back at call centre claims

Vodafone hits back at call centre claims

Vodafone has hit back at claims that a tannoy system was used to inform its Warrington call centre that 600 staff would be transferred to Indian-owned contact centre company HEROtsc.

Up to 20 jobs are at risk at Vodafone's call centre following the deal, which will see HEROtsc in a long term contract to run Vodafone's high value customer care business from the Warrington call centre. 

Vodafone denied claims that staff were informed of the move over the tannoy system at the call centre.

A Vodafone spokeswoman hit back at the claims, saying: ‘The union said that a "tannoy" was used with the implication that this was a distant, impersonal voice.  In fact, employees were invited to meetings and heard the news directly from a familiar senior manager, who used a microphone so that everyone at the event could hear very clearly what was being said.  Everyone could see the presenter and the microphone was simply for clarity.’

‘Over 100 people were personally telephoned as they weren't able to be at the briefings in person and we wanted them to hear the news first from their managers.  Following the announcement, spontaneous applause was made at one of the briefings.’

She added that ‘most employees were very pleased to hear the news along with an assurance that they will be transferred on their existing terms and conditions to one of Vodafone's existing partners’.

Meanwhile, HEROtsc denied in the ‘strongest possible manner’ claims by the Communication Workers Union (CMW) that Vodafone jobs may be transferred overseas from Warrington because of HEROtsc's company structure.

A spokesman said: ‘Since merging with the HEROgroup, not one UK-based TSC job has been moved by the company to India or any other off-shore location. On the contrary the number of UK jobs in the company has increased in that time.

’Although part of the Hero group, HEROtsc is run from the company's UK HQ in Larbert, Scotland where CEO David Turner has responsibility for not just the UK network but also the company's one overseas site in Gurgaon, India.

‘The company has no plans to move jobs from Warrington - or any of its other UK sites - overseas.’


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