Standard Chartered ditches Blackberry for iPhone

Standard Chartered ditches Blackberry for     iPhone
Standard Chartered has ditched RIM's Blackberry in favour of Apple's iPhone, signaling Apples' increasing threat to Blackberry in the business space.
The strategy will see thousands of bankers migrating onto the new phone as part of a group-wide initiative which saw it begin to move its corporate email services about a month ago. The bank has 75,000 employees, although it is unclear how many are issued with company Blackberries.
Neil Mawston, director at Strategy Analytics, said the move reflects the increasing competition in the business sector that Blackberry faces from Apple and Nokia, which is pushing its E Series.
'It is a sign that Blackberry needs to up its game,' he said, adding: 'Web browsing is becoming just as important as email and the web browsing experience on Blackberry is quite poor.'
RIM is hoping to address this deficiency with the imminent launch of the Blackberry OS 6.0 which promises a better touch screen experience.
Mawston said: 'Standard Chartered is a small player in the scheme of things in the City. However any bank moving away from Blackberry to Apple will concentrate minds at RIM.'
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