O2 overhauls retail bonus scheme

O2 overhauls retail bonus scheme

O2 has overhauled its retail bonus scheme to reward staff on an individual basis rather than collectively.

From the start of Q3 2010, the network’s retail staff will be rewarded against their individual performance for customer experience, in addition to team performance for sales in their own store.  

The new scheme replaces the old bonus structure, which rewarded retail staff based on collective team performance.

The change comes after O2’s retail advisors were consulted on how they wanted to be rewarded. Following a three month trial of four different pilot schemes, O2 Retail said it saw improvements in both sales performance and customer satisfaction scores.

O2 consumer sales director, Stephen Shurrock, said: ‘Our people want to be rewarded for their own performance and for things within their own scope of influence.

‘We are pleased to be now aligning against our core business strategy of turning our customers into fans. Our people told us that they wanted a fairer and more consistently applied scheme and that’s what we’ve done.’

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