T-Mobile Big Sofa hits Covent Garden with pop act The Saturdays

T-Mobile Big Sofa hits Covent Garden with pop act The Saturdays
 T-Mobile has unveiled a giant sofa, which is almost the size of a double decker bus, in Covent Garden this morning (2 June). The sofa was unveiled by girl group, The Saturdays.

The T-Mobile Big Sofa will tour the country in a bid to get customers involved in the network’s advertising campaign for its ‘Night In’ promotion.

T-Mobile started the ‘Night In’ advertising campaign in May, when it started asking customers to film their own perfect night in and upload it to YouTube. The best of those entries have gone on to become adverts on TV.

The Big Sofa is the next stage in the marketing campaign for the loyalty promotion which rewards customers by giving them five things for £5.

Customers who want to appear in the next round of adverts are being invited to climb on to the sofa and invite their friends round for their perfect night in. They will be recorded and the videos uploaded to YouTube, where a casting panel will decide who will go on to appear in the adverts.

T-Mobile head of brand and communications, Lysa Hardy said: ‘We want as many of our customers as possible to get involved in the ad campaign, and we hope the giant sofa will inspire people to take part for their chance to star in their own advert on primetime TV. And if anyone wants to be involved but can’t make it down to the sofa they can still join in by recording their own clip and uploading it to youtube.com/lifesforsharing.’

The sofa will also appear in St. Martin’s Square, Birmingham on Tuesday 22 June, and Briggate in Leeds on Wednesday 7 July.
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I love the sofa, wish I was on there with them. great idea!!
whos looking at the sofa when there are 5 stunning female singers sitting on it :p
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