3 targets retail for b2b connections

3 targets retail for b2b connections

3 has teamed up with HSC to sell b2b connections to independent retailers as part of its latest programme focused on business connections.

The retail scheme will allow predominantly consumer dealers to start selling business connections while 3 continues to target small business connections in the market.

The programme, which was launched in May, is part of the network’s continued push into business. It builds on the ‘Partnership Programme’, launched earlier this year by Paul Foley, 3’s head of business.

David Glendinning, 3’s business sales manager, told Mobile: ‘The Business 900 tariff is very strong within the SOHO sole trader space where there are one or two connections.

‘It is the most natural progression for a dealer who has been doing consumer connections. It gives them the opportunity to put those sole traders on to a business tariff.’

Glendinning did not rule out consumer dealers establishing more business connections in the future. ‘There is potential for overlay if there are dealers who are out there making the right level of connections,’ he added.

Glendinning said he was optimistic about take up from dealers selling business products on the network.

He said: ‘The strength of 3’s network and the business applications that can run on a 3G network means that more and more businesses will see the advantage of being on the network.’

The programme with HSC is tailored specifically to the distributor and its dealer base. However, 3 is still working with Fone Logistics, Avenir, EBS and GK Telecom.

The retail programme has been trialled in 50 stores already and HSC hopes to have 100 stores on board by the end of the year.

Carlos Pestana, HSC’s sales manager, said: ‘This specific project means that HSC is working in the best interests of both the dealer and the network. 3 wants to increase its business connections, and rather than routing the directive through our traditional office-based b2b dealers, we are giving otherwise vulnerable retail-based dealers a competitive proposition to sell business connections.’

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