Labour MEP welcomes ECJ roaming charge decision

Labour MEP welcomes ECJ roaming charge decision


A Labour MEP has welcomed the news that the progressive roaming cap first introduced by the EU in June 2007 is to remain in place.

A group of operators comprising O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange had challenged the legal validity of the Europe-wide measure controlling the amount operators can charge customers while abroad.

The decision to keep the cap in place has received a mixed reception from the operators, while politicians and consumer groups are celebrating the verdict of the European Court of Justice.

Arlene McCarthy, chair of the European consumer protection committee and a Labour MEP, said: ‘Today's judgement from the European Court of Justice shows we were right to act against excessive charges by mobile operators for using your phone in another EU country.

‘It is now time for the mobile operators to show that they have learned their lesson and will charge fair, competitive prices to their customers. The operators should give consumers a fair deal, not try to wreck laws that we had to introduce to protect our constituents.’

Roaming rates will be reviewed again in June, but in the meantime the rates will fall for the next year. The EU is ultimately hoping to reduce the price difference for roaming domestically and abroad to almost nothing.

The charge for making calls abroad at the moment is €39 cents and to receive a call is €15 cents. Those prices will fall to €35 cents to make a call and €11 cents to receive a call from 1 July 2011.

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