Giffgaff targets mobile broadband

Giffgaff targets mobile broadband

Giffgaff has its sights set on the mobile broadband market. The people-powered MVNO is looking to expand into dongles, e-readers and other devices as part of wider plans to grow the business.

Mike Fairman, Giffgaff’s CEO, told Mobile: ‘The number of different devices is going to increase dramatically – devices such as the iPad and lots of other devices that are not necessarily voice communication devices. We think we can provide the Sim cards to go into those devices and that is something we are looking into right now.’

Giffgaff formally launched last week after a six month beta test run which saw the MVNO acquire 3,000 customers and a community of 6,000 members.

Now Giffgaff, which is an O2 subsidiary, has ambitious plans to increase its customer share. Fairman cites recent research that shows six million customers are dissatisfied with their current network provider as a cause for optimism.

He said: ‘We are not going head to head with any one company because our community-led angle makes us unique, but we are aiming to be the alternative to the big networks for those customers dissatisfied with their network.’

Giffgaff’s launch coincides with its first ever advertising campaign, which will run until the end of June in newspapers and billboards in major cities around the UK and online.

Fairman (pictured) said the campaign is already showing results. ‘We have had a great response in the first week, with site traffic at record levels and a record number of Sims ordered in one day.’

Fairman said the ad campaign did not represent a shift away from Giffgaff’s community-powered approach. ‘One third of our new customers come from personal recommendations and that is much more powerful than any advertising,’ he said.

Giffgaff estimates 20% of its customers actively contribute to the Giffgaff community compared with an average of 1% on other networks.

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Can't use it online ? Oh yes you can ! bit slow and it don't do windiz "yet" Don't mind like China's got it sorted, only t ...
giffgaff rocks!!!!
The sooner they start offering broadband via dongle, the better.
The bigboys have been ripping us off for far too long
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