T-Mobile axes 60 IT jobs at HQ

T-Mobile axes 60 IT jobs at HQ

T-Mobile has axed around 60 IT jobs at its Hatfield headquarters ahead of its merger with Orange on 1 July.

The move is part of a deal to outsource its IT systems, according to union Prospect. It sees T-Mobile’s IT systems transferred to Amdocs, an outsourcing software systems company, ahead of the operator’s merger with Orange under the umbrella brand Everything Everywhere.

It is unclear how many T-Mobile employees, if any, will be transferred to Amdocs under the deal. However, Prospect claims around 24 of the 60 jobs were lost because of the outsourcing deal.

The other 36 jobs were cut as part of a restructuring of the IT department, the union said.

T-Mobile is also mothballing two of its six office blocks on the Hatfield site as part of an efficiency drive. The operator is planning to lease both blocks.

T-Mobile’s workforce has been reduced by 20% over the last year as a result of  ‘performance management’, with the network reducing its head count from 6,382 to 5,142, and saving £25m on salaries.

Prospect said: ‘Around 60 jobs have been cut in the IT department with 24 directly affected by T-Mobile’s decision to outsource its IT systems to Amdocs.’

T-Mobile confirmed redundancies had taken place in its IT department but did not specify how many.

A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the cuts were part of a strategy introduced last year by T-Mobile MD and Everything Everywhere CFO Richard Moat, aimed at ‘simplifying customer experiences’ and reducing the number of tariffs.

‘As a result of this we do not need to employ as many IT systems people as we did in the past. We have been working with our employee councils and reducing the number of existing vacancies to mitigate the need for redundancies.

‘A small number of redundancies will still need to be made while the restructure allows a number of new vacancies to be created.’

She added: ‘This initiative was announced before the Orange/T-Mobile joint venture.’

Prospect called on T-Mobile to make every effort to redeploy employees who have lost jobs in the reorganisation.
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