Vodafone rapped by ASA over Sure Signal adverts

Vodafone rapped by ASA over Sure Signal adverts

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld four out of seven complaints made against a Vodafone advert by rivals such as O2 and T-Mobile.

The complaints were made against Vodafone after the network advertised Vodafone Sure Signal by showing people hanging out of a windows trying to get signal.

The ad stated: ‘Only Vodafone can guarantee mobile signal in your home. Get Sure Signal at Vodafone.co.uk/suresignal’.

Vodafone Sure Signal is a product designed to boost signal within a house through a broadband connection.

O2 and T-Mobile approached the ASA about the advert, with a total of seven complaints made against the network.

The ASA decided the adverts were misleading because they did not make clear that broadband and a 3G handset were required to use Sure Signal.

The claim that mobile signal could be ‘guaranteed’ was also unsubstantiated and likely to mislead, said the ASA, ‘because Vodafone did not control the availability and performance of the broadband connection’.

Nine parties complained that the ad was misleading due to Vodafone’s claim that it was ‘superior’ to other networks. The ASA upheld these complaints and said that the ad did not make it clear that a payment was required to use the service.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘Vodafone Sure Signal gives you a strong mobile phone signal in your home. Using your home broadband, it boosts the signal throughout your house for up to four people at the same time. Following the launch of our Sure Signal advertising campaign in January, customers told us they didn’t really understand how Vodafone Sure Signal worked. So we revised our advertising in March to highlight that Sure Signal ‘boosts your mobile signal at home.’

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I walked past those adverts and knew they were walking a fine line. You can't just claim you have the best network with no proof!
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