Palm prepares for UK attack

Palm prepares for UK attack

Palm is planning a major onslaught on the UK market, boosted by the financial muscle of its new owner Hewlett Packard (HP).

The handset manufacturer plans to expand its UK distribution channels, increase its drive into the b2b market and work with HP to develop a portfolio of interconnected WebOS driven devices when its sale to the IT giant goes through on 1 July.

Speaking to Mobile, Palm UK chief Paul Ghent said the sale will kick-start a major push into the UK market. ‘We will go flat out – we have a very clear plan in place and you will see things accelerate very quickly from day one. Expect to see the landscape change immediately.’

Ghent said HP’s financial size and geographical reach combined with Palm’s devices and its WebOS platform ‘makes for a formidable combination’, which will bring Palm ‘a huge amount of sales, leverage and brand recognition’.

According to Ghent, HP’s plans for interconnected WebOS devices will also strengthen Palm’s position.

He said: ‘The possibilities are endless, and that will have tremendous potential for end users.’

Operators have responded positively to Palm’s sale to HP. ‘HP is one of their largest suppliers so they see this as great reassurance that the future of Palm and WebOS is secure,’ said Ghent.

Palm is also planning a major expansion of its UK distribution channels. ‘Ultimately, we would like every user in the UK to have access to our devices, whatever network or channel they choose to go through, and
we are working at expanding our devices across the entire range. How ever our rivals take their products to market – we will do the same.’

Ghent said Palm also plans to expand its presence in b2b. He said: ‘We are working with O2 in promoting our devices in the business and enterprise space, with plans to bring new features to the end user.’

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TRY selling the palm pixi unlocked for 149.99 and you will sell a truck load. otherwise good luck.. its iphone 4 day. ha.
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