England fans send more texts after World Cup game than on New Year

England fans send more texts after World Cup game than on New Year

UK mobile networks slowed down yesterday as nearly 260 million text messages were sent on the day of England’s World Cup match with Slovenia (Wednesday 23 June). This compares with the 253 million texts sent on New Year.

In the two hours following the England game's kick off, a staggering 46 million messages were sent, compared with just 20 million for the first two England fixtures. SMS traffic was about 50% higher on match day than a normal Wednesday.

A report from billmonitor.com, the new service that helps UK consumers to find the right mobile phone contract, showed that England fans bombarded one another with 2.5 million celebratory texts as striker Jermaine Defoe volleyed home the decisive goal.

And the sense of relief following the final whistle was palpable, as 18 million texts were sent as fans mopped their brows and enjoyed another drink following the decision by most employers to give staff the afternoon off. 

Matthew Hughes, 31, a lawyer from London, said: ‘There was so much pent up tension during the whole game that the final whistle came as a massive relief. My mobile barely stopped bleeping after the game.’

Stelios Koundouros, founder and director of billmonitor.com, said: ‘We saw a huge increase in SMS usage for this game, compared with the first two fixtures of England’s campaign. Our data shows that the country was riveted.’


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