Nokia drops Symbian for MeeGo on N series

Nokia drops Symbian for MeeGo on N series

Nokia has ditched Symbian for MeeGo on its high-end N series devices.

The N8 smartphone will be the last N series phone to run on Nokia’s Symbian platform.

The move marks Nokia's fightback for market share at the top end of the market.

In a statement Nokia said: ‘As we have previously said, Symbian is enabling us to bring smartphones to more and more people and ensures scale for our solutions and services, and for developers. The Nokia N8  is our most advanced smartphone based on the new Symbian^3.

‘MeeGo running on high performance devices will deliver a wealth of internet, computing and communication experiences with deep Ovi service integration. Going forward, N series devices will be based on MeeGo.’

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood told Mobile: ‘MeeGo is the cornerstone of Nokia’s fightback in the high-end market. For Nokia to compete in this sector it needs to go beyond where Symbian takes it today. Symbian has done a fantastic job at the lower end but will struggle at the high-end against the likes of the iPhone and Motorola’s Droid, for example.’

Wood said Symbian would continue to play a key role in Nokia’s strategy. He said: 'Make no mistake, Symbian is still a massively important part of the business, delivering the largest proportion of sales in terms of revenue but MeeGo will take the fight to the high end where Nokia has lost brand share.’

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@ Ciaron. Why would Nokia go down the Android route when they have such a vested interest in Symbian and MeeGo. Besides, the likes of HTC ...
@ CiaranI think they won't take that painkiller.
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