Disallowed goal against Germany provokes 2.3 million text explosion

Disallowed goal against Germany provokes 2.3 million text explosion

England fans sent over 11 million text messages in the space of a few minutes on Sunday afternoon, and 2.3 million texts were sent in the moments after the Uruguayan referee failed to notice that Frank Lampard’s dipping shot had crossed the line by a metre.

‘It was incredible,’ said Mark Clarke, 23, a trainee accountant from London. ‘Everybody was communicating a shared sense of bewildement. It was like: “did I imagine that?”.’

A report from billmonitor.com, the new service that helps UK consumers to find the right mobile phone contract, showed that England fans bombarded one another with over 11 million text messages in the gruesome few minutes during the second half when Germany doubled their goal tally. It was by far the highest spike in SMS traffic seen during England’s stuttering World Cup campaign.

Fans sent 36 million text messages during the game and a further 11 million in the half hour following the final whistle as the misery of the drubbing sank in. The SMS traffic during the game was the highest for any England game during the World Cup, eclipsing the 28 million sent during the Slovenia fixture.

In total, nearly 223 million text messages were sent during the whole of Sunday.

 Stelios Koundouros, founder and director of billmonitor.com, said: ‘We saw the highest spikes of any England game during the dismal loss to Germany. But interestingly, less messages were sent after the final whistle than had been the case after the Slovenia game. Maybe the sense of loss was just too much to share. What could you say after a performance like that?’


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