Everything Everywhere reveals business plans

Everything Everywhere reveals business plans

Everything Everywhere has pledged to increase business customers’ productivity by 15% over the next three years, as part of an aggressive strategy to gain corporate share.

The T-Mobile and Orange joint venture has announced a 'renewed commitment to partnerships' with improved customer service that will see its staff incentivised on customer satisfaction.

Martin Stiven, Everything Everywhere vice president of business, said:  ‘Our vision of giving customers access to everything everywhere is extremely powerful for our business customers.   Being the UK’s biggest operator gives us a unique opportunity to do something special for business.’

The company said it intends to ‘actively drive partnerships with companies from all sectors’ to provide its business customers with ‘pioneering new products and services’.

Stiven, said: ‘Whether for hardware, software or companies from non-technology fields, we want to work with the very best on partnerships that innovate and provide our customers with something new. At Everything Everywhere we are throwing open our doors to partners who can help us achieve this goal.’

Meanwhile, the company will capitalise on technological advances and the R&D capabilities of parents France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to deliver new ways of working and increase effectiveness and efficiency for business customers. 

Areas of focus will include: Machine to machine, where it will drive a shift in business across transport, retail and the supply chain, as well as enabling new business models such as smart metering; new markets for mobile solutions such as healthcare –  the application of advanced technology to increase productivity and reduce costs for health workers and organisations; information everywhere – eliminating artificial restrictions on which device and communications technology to use and integrating core system and business applications across channels and devices to genuinely enable business everywhere; and HD Voice, to open up new applications in noisy environments and provide a better environment for business communications such as conference calls.

All Everything Everywhere business service staff will be based in the UK to ensure they have a 'deep understanding of the commercial challenges faced by customers'.

For small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, Everything Everywhere will use the Orange and T-Mobile brands’ reach through shops, online and channel partnerships with 'focused propositions' targeting specific customer needs.

Meanwhile, the company will develop services and propositions for new medium and corporate customers through a single brand that offers ‘all the benefits’ of Everything Everywhere.  The Orange brand will target new large business customers. 

Stiven said: ‘Our aim is to significantly increase our business customer base by making the most of our resources and the Orange and T-Mobile brands to target the diverse business audience.  We will offer services based on the way businesses want to buy from us.’


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