3 to get iPhone 4 by the end of July

3 to get iPhone 4 by the end of July
3 expects to have the iPhone 4 in its stores by the end of July.

The network, which continues to focus on enabling internet access, sees the iPhone as a strategic tool.

3 CEO Kevin Russell said: ‘The impact of the iPhone is very significant. You are missing a key weapon [if you don’t have it], as we are about enabling access to the internet.’

Russell added: ‘I would have liked to have taken the iPhone on our terms but we have probably taken the iPhone on Apple’s terms.’

On 24 June, 3 began selling the iPhone 3GS in its stores. On the launch date of the iPhone 4, 3 staffers were deployed to Apple stores to sell the handset.

3’s iPhone pricing aims to undercut its rivals. 3 customers can buy the iPhone 4 16GB version for just £99 on a 24 month tariff at £30 per month. The tariff includes 500 minutes, 5,000 texts, 5,000 3 to 3 minutes and 1GB of data.

On the same length and contract price for the iPhone 4 16GB, Orange and Vodafone are asking for £169 up front, while O2 customers will have to pay £179 for the handset.
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