O2 staggers iPhone supply to dealers

O2 staggers iPhone supply to dealers

O2 is staggering the way it allocates the iPhone 4 to its dealers and indirect channel partners, with some not getting access to the eagerly awaited device until later this month.

The operator, which started selling the iPhone 4 on 24 June, briefed its dealers on the news in advance.

On 21 June, O2 head of partners Maggie Kennedy is understood to have held a web conference with several dealers informing them of how stock would be allocated.

Companies involved in the Centre of Excellence programme were given priority access to the stock.

Some dealers on the O2 ‘Approved’ scheme were also able to secure the new handsets for ‘key customers’.

However, other partners are still waiting to receive stock.

One source said: ‘It is clear from what they told us that stock is going to be tight. I don’t think it is only O2 – the other networks have to be careful with their stock as well. I think the distributors have been able to choose their top 10 dealers to get access to it. We won’t be getting the iPhone until July at least.’

An O2 spokesperson said: ‘O2 recently held online briefings for its partners to share our new approach to data pricing and the thinking behind it. We outlined our intention to build compelling tariffs that would give a great experience for all our customers.

‘Across all channels we have made the very popular iPhone 4 available to existing customers first, as we believe this is the fairest approach. In the same way, we gave priority to our existing Centre of Excellence partners as they have the majority of existing iPhone customers.

‘We will continue to allocate stock in a fair and transparent way as it becomes available over the coming months.’

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