Disties to sell both T-Mobile and Orange

Disties to sell both T-Mobile and Orange

Everything Everywhere’s b2b distributors will sell to both Orange and T-Mobile customers, as part of the joint venture’s plans to grow its b2b business.

Speaking to Mobile, Martin Stivens, Everything Everywhere’s VP of business, said the joint venture’s distributors would benefit significantly from the merger.

He said: ‘We have two very strong brands in Orange and T-Mobile and we will give our distributors work with both brands so they have a more flexible offer in the market.’

Everything Everywhere had no plans to take on more distributors, Stivens said.

‘We don’t want to increase our distributor numbers. What we want is to work with the current distribution partners in a more powerful way,’ he said. ‘We see b2b as a growth area and this is a team that we will invest in.’

Under the new business strategy, Orange and T-Mobile will continue to sign up SMEs but will stop signing up new corporate customers to its T-Mobile brand.

Stivens insisted this strategy would not impact on current corporate customers. ‘This does not mean we will force T-Mobile corporate customers to move, but when their contract ends they can choose to move.’

Stivens said the joint venture is preparing to launch a number of converged solutions in the near future for both corporate and SME customers and is also talking to potential partners with a view to accessing new markets.

It will also target E Health, M2M and HD Voice and eventually offer these as part of its converged solutions. Stivens said: ‘Customers don’t want tariffs, they want joined up propositions and solutions and we can roll these elements into a holistic solution.’

Stivens said the joint venture is targeting its rivals’ b2b customers. ‘Every business customer in the UK will want a discussion with us. We are offering something new and we know as we build the relationship customers will be ready to make the move to us.’

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