T-Mobile pre-empts iPhone complaints

T-Mobile pre-empts iPhone complaints
T-Mobile staff are being trained on how to use Apple’s iPhone in a bid to prevent costly calls to its customer service teams.

As part of the training ahead of the iPhone launch on T-Mobile’s network, the operator is preparing staff for the most common problems associated with Apple’s device, based on statistics provided by Orange customer services.

Staffers said they were told that if an iPhone customer on a 24 month contract calls T-Mobile customer services just eight times, the network will start to make a loss on the handset, as it costs £7 each time someone calls.

The most common problems were: 58% of customers do not know how to take out a Sim card; 40% of customers do not know how to turn the phone on; and 75% of customers do not know how to set up iTunes on the iPhone.

T-Mobile and Orange are sharing customer information following their merger on 1 July.

One staffer said: ‘We have been told to cover all those points before selling the iPhone to any customers.

The profit margin is so slim that T-Mobile cannot afford to have customers calling 150 (customer services) for those queries.’

Meanwhile, Chitter Chatter, which was previously responsible for giving high-spending T-Mobile customers iPhone upgrades, will stop selling the product, while Orange will provide stock of the handset to T-Mobile.

Staff claimed they were told that T-Mobile should aim ‘to beat’ Orange on its own iPhone launch, which is understood to have been the most successful out of all the operators so far.

Retail staff were told the message had come directly from T-Mobile MD and Everything Everywhere CFO Richard Moat, proving that despite the merger, competition between the two operators remains fierce.

T-Mobile is yet to confirm the date when the iPhone 4 will go on sale in its stores or the pricing of the handset.

T-Mobile did not comment at the time Mobile went to press.
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