Anglia and Fone Logistics launch Orange revenue share deals

Anglia and Fone Logistics launch Orange revenue share deals

Daisy Group subsidiaries Fone Logistics and Anglia Telecom have launched  30% revenue share deals on all new Orange connections.

The deals, which kicked in on 1 July, are timed to coincide with Orange’s new revenue share model. They reward both firm's partners with the full 30% share for new business brought to the network on all elements of a new connection.

The move comes just weeks after Fone Logistics was acquired by Daisy Group and moved under the operational control of Anglia Telecom.

Fone Logistics’ marketing director Julien Parven told Mobile: 'We wanted to be aggressive and put a strong message out there and offer strong value to our partners. We felt this had a strong headline and is a good way to demonstrate that the business is in a good position and looking for sustained growth.'

Parven said the deal was 'the first of many such bold initiatives the business will announce,' adding that Fone Logisitics was aiming at leading the distribution market.

‘But more than just putting money into the pricebook, it is about creating the overall experience for a partner.  By investing our full revenue share for acquisition we are rewarding our Orange partners every month for the business they bring to us,’ Parven added.

Anglia Telecom MD, Dave McGinn said: ‘We have taken the decision to invest in our partners with the Orange revenue share percentage as part of our targeting the number one spot with all of our networks.  But is not about being number one for the sake of it.  Between Fone Logistics and Anglia Telecom we are seeking to create a best of breed and deliver the best possible service at all levels to our partners.'

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