Nokia continues fall behind newer brands

Nokia continues fall behind newer brands
The number of consumers considering buying a Nokia handset for their next phone has fallen 12%, according a survey conducted by YouGov.

Only 34% of customers will consider getting a Nokia next time they get a phone, compared with six months ago when 46% of customers would have considered the manufacturer.

YouGov conducted the survey at the beginning of June, when it interviewed 2,121 smartphone users about the next handset they would be buying.

Only 10% of the people involved in the survey expected to buy a Nokia, compared with a fifth in December 2009.

Meanwhile, 41% of consumers expected to buy an iPhone next time, and 70% of customers were willing to recommend Apple to a friend or colleague.

YouGov technology and telecoms team research manager, Russell Feldman, said: ‘Where Nokia once led the market, it has drastically fallen by the wayside. Its Ovi store continues to be significantly outperformed by both Apple’s Apps store and Android Marketplace. The results of our data consistently show that the market leader is fast becoming an also ran in the smartphone market. New products, software and apps are needed soon if Nokia is to keep up with its rivals.’

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When will the executives in Nokia wake up and realise they are fast becoming a legacy brand. Something radical needs to change in Nokia and fast.
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