RIM sees BBM traffic spike of 280% during World Cup final

RIM sees BBM traffic spike of 280% during World Cup final
RIM has seen an increase in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) use during significant events in the World Cup.

Over the past month, BBM use spiked after key goals and controversial incidents in the tournament.

During the World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain on Sunday, at the time of Andrés Iniesta's winning goal BBM traffic increased by 280% globally.

There were several other moments that correlated with an increase in BBM traffic, including the USA versus England match, when traffic spiked 35% globally at the time of the first goal by Steven Gerrard.

The Netherlands and Brazil match saw traffic jump by 122% at the time of the second goal, scored by the Netherlands.

Traffic also rose by 178% at the time of the third German goal in the Argentina versus Germany match.

The statistics demonstrate RIM’s ongoing success in tapping into the consumer market through applications such as BBM.

More than 25 million people use BBM and the manufacturer is looking for continued success with its hardware and services.

In an exclusive interview with Mobile in May, RIM VP of product Rob Orr said that BBM had been a ‘huge viral’ success.

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