Orange allocates principal partners

Orange allocates principal partners

Orange has started to inform its indirect channel partners where they will be placed in its new three tiered structure announced in March this year.

Partners in the indirect channel will fall into three categories: principal, specialist or approved.

Dealers selling Orange were informed of their position in the structure at the end of last week by email, while follow up meetings are being scheduled.

Only four principle partners have been appointed nationwide, Mobile understands. Principal partners are thought to include Scancom, Phonebox Solutions and Voice Mobile, who will almost exclusively sell Orange.

The move to restructure its indirect channel was one of the first things Orange did after its merger with T-Mobile was announced last year.

The pair’s joint venture company, Everything Everywhere, is looking to shake up the business market and ‘significantly shift the power balance’.

In March, Orange sales director Steve Heald said it was expecting to have 40 partners across all the tiers.

Partners who were previously Orange business specialists are now predominantly specialist partners.

Dealers will be given different levels of support in sales and marketing and brand recognition depending on the tier they fall into.

One source said: ‘Orange is rationalising its channels and bringing together the business specialist programme. The benefits in each new tier will be tangible.’

Mark O’Meara, Everything Everywhere’s indirect retail and distribution national sales manager, said: ‘On 1 July, we unveiled our new channel partner programme to grow the partner base and offer improved recognition and benefits.

‘Building on the already successful Federated Dealer Programme, a new three tiered relationship system was introduced and communicated to our partners, enabling Orange to recognise the loyalty of its dealer community and reward partners who work more closely to deliver long-term customers to its base.’

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