HTC ramps up production

HTC ramps up production
HTC is ‘heavily investing’ in new production capacity to avoid a repeat of the stock shortages of its handsets that occurred earlier this year.
Stock shortages were particularly acute for the HTC Desire, launched in April this year and backed by a major marketing campaign.

Jon French, executive director of HTC UK and Ireland, told Mobile that HTC and its customers had been caught out by the unprecedented demand that the HTC Desire created.

He said: ‘We are catching up. We are still in a position where the demand keeps growing and like any good manufacturer, it takes time to build up capacity just to meet demand so we are doing that now by very heavily investing in new production capacity and we will catch up very, very soon.’

French declined to say how much HTC is investing in new production capacity. He also denied claims that the shortages were a deliberate tactic to create pent up consumer demand.

‘There is absolutely no truth in the rumour. The demand for the product took our customers and therefore ourselves by surprise and the shortages were not on a particular product, so I can categorically say it was not a tactic.’
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what a the UK controls what's going on in taipei!!..look at where their volumes and margins are...central investment will not be going ...
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