T-Mobile stirs business market

T-Mobile stirs business market
T-Mobile has caused a stir in the business market with aggressive deals from its direct sales team that undercut indirect dealers.

T-Mobile business is offering potential customers more than 80% of the value of the deal back in ‘credit’.

Mobile has exclusively seen an email sent by a T-Mobile direct business salesperson to a potential customer offering a 24 month contract for 21 connections at a monthly price of £262.50. The total cost of the contract would amount to £6,300, but T-Mobile was offering a credit of £5,628.

Dealers selling Orange and other networks have vented their frustration on the operator’s conduct, claiming they cannot compete with such aggressive tactics.

One dealer said: ‘Dealers are told to make money for the network, but then the direct sales team is offering deals at an unsustainable level. I wonder whether people at the top level of the network are aware of what their team is doing.’

T-Mobile head of indirect business Oliver Chivers said: ‘T-Mobile does not offer cashback.’
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