Ereader sales rocket

Ereader sales rocket

The total capacity of all the ereaders sold in the UK in the first half of 2010 could store the favourite novel of every single person in the country, according to the latest GfK Retail and Technology figures.

The analyst firm said ereaders have proved to be one of the fastest growing product categories across the IT panel, with sales growing at rates in excess of 150% over the past 10 months and further gains made in the second quarter of 2010. 

The number of brands selling in the market has more than quadrupled compared with the same time period last year and this number will only increase, GfK said.

But the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which has led the average price of ereaders to drop by 12% compared with June last year.

Meanwhile, sales have been boosted over the last 10 months after increasing interest from consumer electronic stores and specialists channels.

GfK added: ‘As ereaders become readily available with greater brand choice and the market moves to more affordable price points, the product category is set to flourish in the coming months with trends showing that sales could reach around 250,000 per annum within the next two years.’

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