Vodafone releases HTC Desire Android 2.2 update

Vodafone releases HTC Desire Android 2.2 update
Vodafone has released an Android 2.2 update on the HTC Desire today (23 August) that will uninstall Vodafone 360 software installed previously.

Before the release of Android 2.2 (aka Froyo), the operator had released a Vodafone 360 update for Android 2.1.

Following complaints about the unrequested Vodafone 360 update, which installed bookmarks and Vodafone branded software, Vodafone issued a statement on its online forum.

The statement said: ‘We’ve listened to feedback from customers on a number of points around the recent 360 Android 2.1 update and made some changes to the roll out plan.

‘The Android 2.2 update for Vodafone HTC Desire users will be based on the HTC open market version of the software and we will customise it to ensure our network settings are installed.

‘For customers who have downloaded the recent 360 update for Android 2.1, we can confirm that the Android 2.2 update will remove the 360 applications and will leave the homepage and bookmarks on your current settings.

‘Customers who want to access the 360 services will be able to do so once the Android 2.2 compatible version is available and, in the meantime, can now download apps like 360 People from the Android Marketplace.

‘We plan to make the 360 apps available in a separate update for the HTC Desire at a later date, giving customers the choice to download it.’

The new update offers the full functionality of Android 2.2, which includes letting customers use the handset as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
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