Multitasking is ‘battering bandwidth’, says ADC

Multitasking is ‘battering bandwidth’, says ADC

A surge in multitasking is eating up bandwidth more than ever before, according to wireless communications specialist ADC.

The rise is partly attributed to Apple’s iOS 4, which enabled multitasking on the iPhone for the first time, as well as an increasing number of smartphones in general.

ADC said multitasking is ‘only adding to the amount of bandwidth being consumed per user, increasing the strain placed on networks and boosting the case for a rethink in how wireless infrastructure is deployed’.

John Spindler, VP at ADC, said ‘Networks have been struggling since smartphones became the latest must-have gadget but at least to begin with they could only perform one function at a time. Now that users can use multiple data hungry applications simultaneously, bandwidth demands are being multiplied exponentially, giving network operators a real headache.

'It is important to remember that before the smartphone networks were struggling to provide seamless voice coverage, now they are expected to handle multiple data applications per user using the same outmoded architecture.’

'After a long period of denial, operators have accepted that network cell size must be reduced if they are to provide users with the precision coverage needed to cope with next generation challenges. This will involve deploying a greater number of antennae in more locations and an increased focus on in-building and outdoor networks. As an industry we now need to find a consensus as to the best way to achieve these goals.’

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