Indirect channel poised for tablets

Indirect channel poised for tablets
Retailers, dealers and distributors are gearing up to start selling tablets to their customers in anticipation of Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry releasing a wave of the devices in the coming months.

Business dealers are already preparing for the mass tablet onslaught by talking to their customers about the benefits of the devices.

One dealer said: ‘We are going to have to show the customer the benefits of tablets. However, from the users’ perspective they are great, because many people now think of laptops as quite heavy. The best thing about tablets is that the experience is very similar to what you would see on a PC screen.’

But not all quarters of the market are convinced that tablets will take off.

HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove recently wrote a blog on the rise of the tablet. He said: ‘Will this new wave of tablets go down the same route as netbooks? Much hype, but limited commercial success. People didn’t want to buy a lower spec PC when they could get a fully equipped laptop for roughly the same money, and still surf the web.’

However, he later wrote: ‘Lets all try to take full advantage of this new mobile space as it develops. The combination of cloud computing and mobility may not just be an opportunity for the IT channel.’

Other distributors also believe that tablets could provide an opportunity.
One source said: ‘With the iPad doing relatively well, tablets are quite a nice convergence piece and are more of a mobile device than something like a laptop.’

Samsung is expected to release a device called the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Android in September in a bid to rival Apple’s iPad.
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