Carphone Warehouse launches 14 day coverage guarantee

Carphone Warehouse launches 14 day coverage guarantee

Carphone Warehouse has launched a 14 day coverage guarantee – the first policy of its kind to offer exchanges or refunds on new products where network coverage is inadequate.

The new coverage guarantee licenses store managers to refund any new products where consumers report coverage difficulties at home or at work rather than relying on computerised coverage maps to sanction refund policies.

The guarantee has been developed in response to a recognised consumer demand for simple and consistent network return policies, Carphone said.The Communications Consumer Panel recently reported that just 44% of customers were given correct information around coverage related returns policies, Carphone added.

Matt Stringer, MD of Carphone Warehouse, said: ‘Some customers have reported that they can be put off switching network operator because they are worried about bad reception in their home or office. With the Coverage Guarantee we’re leading the way in giving consumers the confidence to choose the network deal best for them, secure in the knowledge they can change if necessary.’

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this is really so great
Best thing about this policy is that it doesn't rely on iffy online coverage checkers. The customer's word is sufficient.
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