Glitches halt O2's Dell Streak update

Glitches halt O2's Dell Streak update

O2 has called off its Android 2.1 upgrade of the Dell Streak after angry users bombarded O2 and Dell’s forums complaining that the update had wiped dozens of functions off the device.

The update began last week but was halted just days later after customers complained of a host of problems with their updated Dell Streak devices.

One Dell Streak user wrote on the O2 forum: ‘Dell PC Suite does not work anymore – does not see Dell Streak attached to a computer. I solved this problem synchronising Dell with my corporate Exchange directly, but... why it does not work!!!??? It is very obvious bug and I can’t understand how it slipped into the new version of Android.’

Another complained: 'O2 have noted my problem and say they are talking to Dell. But I have received no advice (as yet) and don't know what to do next. The phone works (partially) but Dell PC sync will not work. This is an extremely frustrating experience and a complete waste of my time!

'Please get your act together O2. I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have never had a problem before but this beats anything I could have expected.'

Most users on the forum blamed Dell for the problem and complained bitterly about poor customer service from the computer giant.

Another user claimed he had spoken to O2. He said: 'This is what I can identify so far. Dell PC Suite will not work with the 2.1 upgrade. Why? We don't know but O2 are investigating.

‘Dell is responsible for the software on the phone and on the suite. So although my contract is with O2 there is only so much that O2 can do. They have exhausted their suggestions so far. We are thus in the hands of Dell.’

Frustrated Dell Streak owners have set up a list on Twitter for users to post faults resulting from the update. So far over 30 faults have been reported on the list. These include sluggish performance, the inability to play WMA files, touch-screen problems, and email problems.

An O2 spokesman said: ‘Since releasing Android 2.1 for Dell Streak we have had a small number of reports from customers who have experienced problems using their Streak after installing the update. We are investigating these reports as a matter of urgency with Dell and have chosen to put the 2.1 update on hold while we do so.’

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